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Basement Coatings in Chicago

Finishing your basement in Chicagoland and want to create a livable aesthetic while also using a practical flooring choice? Have water infiltration issues that prevent you from using traditional flooring options like carpet or hardwood? Polyurea basement floor coatings from White Rabbit are a great option for Chicago area homeowners.

Basement floor coatings from White Rabbit can provide protection, beauty, and durability that no other flooring options can provide in harsh basement environments. A decorative basement floor coating option from White Rabbit means you can create a beautiful living space in your basement without worrying about the potential for moldy carpet, warped hardwood flooring, or tiles that don’t adhere well to concrete flooring.

Basement coatings are an ideal way to protect your concrete from stains, degradation, and damage while providing an insulating seal to ward off dampness that plagues many basements. Basement concrete floor coatings are very low maintenance, easy to clean, and can provide a lifetime of beauty and protection for an affordable price.

Whether you want a simple, functional basement floor coating or a decorative product that will be the envy of your friends and family, White Rabbit can help. From simple, single color basement floor coatings to a decorative metallic look, to a tinted concrete aesthetic, our basement floor sealing company has design choices that fit any need.

With many color and flake combination options, White Rabbit can make your basement floors match any look you desire.

White Rabbit takes the integrity of your floors—and our product—seriously. We know that the foundation of every quality floor coating project is in the prep work. Where many companies skip corners, White Rabbit goes the extra mile to ensure that you have the ideal surface to which our floor coatings will adhere.

For every project, we begin by grinding the existing surface with diamond embedded blades—exposing a fresh surface and opening the pores of your concrete. This allows the floor coating to wick into the surface, providing better adhesion and ultimately, a longer lasting floor. Floor preparation is crucial to the proper installation of the floor coating system.

After a proper profile has been achieved through grinding the floor, we will ensure that all holes, divots, and uneven areas are filled, leaving you with a smooth, level surface.

Next, our floor coatings are applied and thoroughly checked for a smooth, even finish. Once the coatings have cured, we will apply a topcoat for added protection. The topcoat provides the ultimate protection against stains and normal wear and tear. A topcoat will also make cleaning the floor a breeze unlike other products on the market. Think of the topcoat like a clear coat for your car. The automotive industry doesn’t manufacture cars without a clear coat, do they?

Since we use a commercial-grade polyurea coating, your floors can be ready for foot traffic in as little as 6-8 hours!

White RabbitEpoxy
Durability4x Stronger
Flexibility98% more
Vehicle Traffic24 hours3 days
Installation1 day2-3 days
Scratch Resistant3x more
UV stableyesno
Wooden Step Applicationyesno
Warranty for Glosslifetime0
Year-round Installationyesno
Accordion item 1

When you work with us, you’ll get much more than industrial-strength Monkey Bars garage organization and floor coating products that will stand up to heavy use. You also benefit from our lifetime warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with our commercial flooring services, you can count on us to do what it takes to make it right. We are owner-operated, will treat you and your property with respect. Our honest, no-hassle approach means we will work with you to find the solution that is right for you and your needs.

White Rabbit has been transforming garages and basements across the Chicagoland area since 1988. We’re known for our design capabilities and high-quality, industrial strength products, including garage organizersshelving systems and slatwall storage systems. Our team is also dedicated to excellence and exceptional customer service. We’ll go above and beyond for you. Rest assured we can provide you with a highly efficient, practical space with our Monkey Bars garage storage systems.

White Rabbit has been helping Chicagoland area homeowners transform their garages and basements for over 35 years. With tens of thousands of happy customers throughout the region, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are working with the top option for commercial flooring in Chicago.

Schedule your no-hassle in-home consultation today and see what the White Rabbit magic is all about!